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This is the how easy referrals are supposed to be!

How Our Referral Program Works

Let us be your partner in property management!

1. You Refer a Client

Relationships are important to us, so we understand the importance of helping you protect the relationship you've built with your client as their agent.

Simply fill out the form below with the contact information for your client, then let them know we will be contacting them.

2. We Do the Rest

We'll call the client and learn more about what they need and how we can help. If there is a fit, we'll let you know, and we'll make sure we associate you with the client for future reference.

3. We Pay You

Realtors Referring OWNERS - $100 for each Owner + $100 for each building put under management during Owner’s onboarding. When Owners elects to sell, we will send them back to the referring Realtor.

Realtors Referring TENANTS - 25% of the total leasing commission (typically one month’s rent) on non-MLS listed property, and 40% on MLS listings for referring a Tenant who signs a year or longer ET Lease. Realtor must be primary point of contact with our office until Tenant formally applies directly with Equity Team.

When Equity Team Refers...

  • Owners who want to sell - 25% of Realtors sale commission
  • Tenants who want to buy - 25% of Realtors sale commission
  • Tenants who lease a property not managed by ET - 10% of Realtors leasing commission

*Referral compensation programs are subject to change. Contact us to confirm.

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Why Refer Clients to Us?

You Keep Your Clients

We work WITH you, NOT as your competition - We’re not interested in being a “Jack-of-all-trades, master at none.” You focus on your core business (buyers and sellers) and we’ll focus on ours (awesome property management and hassle free ROI). When your client needs the services you specialize in, we’ll send them back to you, guaranteed!

We make you look GOOD 😉

Don't gamble with your image and reputation with your client. Work with Equity Team and have confidence that your client is in good hands and their property management needs will be well taken care of!

Reduce Your Liability

Providing bad advice on fair housing, landlord/tenant laws, taxes, insurance, etc., could create liability for you and your broker.  In fact, many brokers are discouraging their agents from doing anything related to property management due to the increased liability.  Do yourself and your broker a favor and let us take it off your back.

We'll Pay You and Reciprocate

Not only will we pay you, but we'll do our best to reciprocate and send business to the Realtors who are referring business to us.

Refer a Client to Equity Team

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Experienced Professionals

Real Reviews

Don't take our word for it. See what others have to say about their experience with Equity Team...


"I can't say enough good things about Equity Team. They make the process of acquiring and managing my rentals as easy and seamless as possible. After years of working with them, I admire their experience, dedication, and honesty. "

- Christina M., Owner, California

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"Very quick to respond. Job well done!"

- Clarence W., Tenant, Cincinnati

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"Since 2003, I've been working with Equity Team. As a long-time Realtor who primarily works with investment properties, I'm frequently asked if I know a good property manager, and I always recommend Equity Team. Their experience with investment properties and integrity are their biggest strengths. Equity Team makes me look good because they make investing easy for my clients."

- Rob R., Comey & Shepherd Realtors, West Chester

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