Association Management

Professional, collaborative, and modern management of your

Home Owners Association (HOA), Property Owners Association (POA),

or Community Owners Association (COA) 

Do you need a professional

Association Management?

If you've made it to this page, the answer is likely "yes"!

  • You're not happy with your current Association Management Company?

  • Your community has tried to "self-manage" and it's not working out?
  • You're a new community needing to put management in place?

Good, consistent association management is important for any community to succeed and thrive.  Professional management can help with a variety of issues an association may face:

  • Strategic planning

  • Credentialing, accreditation and certification programs

  • Event planning

  • Board and committee governance

  • Revenue programs

  • Technology and data leadership and management

  • Office and administration

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Why Choose Us as Your Association Manager?

Our Reputation

We launched our Association Management service in 2020.  However, that doesn't mean we're new to it.  Our CEO has been on large HOA boards in the past and has consulted multiple other HOA's over the years.  Though the majority of our reviews are related to residential property management, it's clear we've earned a good reputation for providing quality service to our clients and customers, and we're good at managing real estate!

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Our Approach:  The 3 P's

Successful association management is made up of a People, Process,
Property Preservation:

  • PEOPLE:  Good management starts with the Association Manager (AM).  We will appoint a highly qualified, experienced, and capable leader to oversee your association.  Your AM will be your primary point of contact with our office and all of the tools and resources we have available to benefit the community.  Their #1 responsibility is to manage all matters in the best interest of the community and as though they live there themselves.  They'll do this by creating a close working relationship with the board president and all committee leaders as their primary points of contact.  Your AM will be responsible for overseeing ALL matters within the community including, but not limited to repairs and improvements, violations, onsite staff training and management, administration management, and more.

  • PROCESS:  Using industry-leading technology, we have the tools and resources to simplify and streamline association management.  Our management style is not for everyone, and that's ok.  Our ideal association client is looking for a collaborative partnership with maximum efficiency through a more modern approach.  We need the association to trust our expertise and to give us a good amount of independence in our process.  Then, once we have our systems in place, the board can judge us on our performance.

  • PROPERTY PRESERVATION:  It's getting harder and harder to find quality, dependable contractors.  Fortunately, associations we manage can benefit from our pre-built and vetted service provider network to help take care of their communities' repair and improvement needs.  

Licensed & Insured, Industry Experts

Did you know, in most states, you don't have to be licensed or insured to manage communities even though you are managing their money and assets!?!

When you hire EquityTeam as your Association Manager, you can be assured we will manage your community with the same compliance measures that enable us to follow state laws for our licensed property management services.

Additionally, we have all the necessary insurance to give your community peace-of-mind:

  • Business Liability

  • Errors and Ommissions

  • Workers Comp

  • Bonded

  • and more...

We are committed to being experts in our industry and "sharpening the saw."  Your AM will use their knowledge to keep your community at the forefront of changes and trends in the community association industry.

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Industry-Leading Technology

One of our core values is to utilize the best current technologies in the industry.  We've been operating as a cloud-based business before it was cool, yet we're still expanding our capabilities with tools that help us run a remote-based business within a connected environment.

Some of the resources we use are:

  • Propertyware (leader in PM accounting software)

  • ZInspector (leader in PM inspection software)

  • GSuite (leader in business environments and security)

We have our finger on the pulse of all the new and evolving tools and technologies in and around the industry.  

In 2020, we started developing our own exclusive software solution to meet our needs, and bridge the gap of software fragmentation and shortcomings we had been experiencing.  This proprietary and customized software will be instrumental in helping us deliver unparalleled service to our clients.

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