RPM Midwest VS EquityTeam 

A detailed comparison of leading residential property management companies in Cincinnati, Ohio

RPM Midwest Vs Equityteam

RPM Midwest (Real Property Management Midwest) and EquityTeam have different philosophies and approaches to residential property management. 

RPM Midwest is a franchise of Real Property Management out of Utah, with offices all over the U.S.  RPM is focused on growth in multiple markets.  They use a "departmental" style of management.  For example, when the Owner signs on, they must interact with multiple people in multiple departments or a generic helpdesk.  There is no single point of contact or "account manager".  This style of operation has many benefits for the property management company.  Unfortunately for clients/customers, not having a single point of contact responsible for the account can lead to communication gaps and delays, and can make customers feel like a number.   

EquityTeam's is not part of a national franchise model, nor do we want to be.  We are focused on "quality over quantity" and are very particular about the people and properties we work with.  Instead of a departmental approach, we use a "hybrid/team" model of property management that involves three different managers (an owner advocate, property advocate, and tenant advocate) who are independently accountable for their unique areas of focus, and collectively as a team are responsible for the success of the portfolio/property. 

To learn more about the differences, check out our side-by-side comparison below.

Side-by-Side Comparison


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Side-by-Side Comparison of
EquityTeam vs RPM Midwest

Business Info 
RPM Midwest EquityTeam
Established 2004 2008
Office Locations and Areas Serviced
Cincinnati (metro), Dayton (metro), Columbus (metro), Louisville (metro)
Cincinnati (serving Cincinnati metro & south Dayton)
# of doors under mgmt
1500+ over 4 markets
500+ around Cincinnati
Growth Philosophy 
Quantity / # of doors.
Quality over quantity. Good properties, good owners, multiple internal service offerings.

Business Summary :  RPM is a larger PM focused on growing their number of doors through marketing campaigns and acquisitions. EquityTeam is focused on providing quality service and has grown organically over the years, mostly from referrals and word-of-mouth. 


   Customer Satisfaction & Rewards
RPM Midwest  EquityTeam 
Google   3.7 Stars (131 Reviews)  
4.5 Stars (67 Reviews)  
BBB     1.2 Star, 22 Neg, 0 Positive, A+ Rating  
5 Stars, A+ Rating, 11 Reviews  
Reviews Disabled  
5 Stars, A+ Rating, 11 Reviews
Customer Rewards Program 
POINTS by EquityTeam

Customer Satisfaction Summary :  A closer look at RPM's reviews finds many 4 and 5 star ratings with little to no comments or details. EquityTeam has a consistent 4+ rating on every major review channel from real reviews.

Operations RPM Midwest  EquityTeam 
Operational Type (Agent-based, Departmental, Hybrid) 
Hybrid / Team
Primary Software 
Primary Owner Contact
Salesperson to start, then Support
Portfolio Mgr. (PM)
Primary Owner Advocate
Portfolio Mgr. (PM)
Maintenance and Projects
Internal Employees
Large network of skilled and vetted 3rd party service providers
Primary Property Advocate
Property Services Manager (PSM)
Primary Tenant Contact
Leasing Manager (LM) + Leasing Team
Primary Tenant Advocate
Leasing Manager (LM)
Business Intelligence (BI) on a Portfolio's Performance
Coming Soon

Operations Summary :  Operations are only as good as the people and processes working within those systems. Both companies use the best software in the industry. Both companies have a helpdesk system. The main difference is EquityTeam uses 3 managers per property (PM, PSM, LM) who work as a team and are responsible for knowing the portfolio/property intimately, and EquityTeam utilizes a custom built software solution as the engine for it's operations.

Pricing & Guarantees> RPM Midwest  EquityTeam 
Satisfaction Guarantee
Yes, 90 Days
Pet Damage Guarantee
Yes, Up to $1,000
Accounting Guarantee
Leasing Guarantee
? Yes, 12 Month Stay Guarantee and 21 Day or Less Lease Signing Guarantee
Eviction Guarantee
Buy in for $19 (or bundled with Rent for $29) covers a normal eviction
Included with Protection Plus for $39. Up to $7,000 in coverage
Rent Guarantee
Buy in for $19 (or bundled with Eviction for $29) covers until eviction is filed on Tenant
Included with Protection Plus for $39, coverage from 15 days up to 25 weeks of coverage.
Property Damage Guarantee
Yes, up to $50,000
Full-Service Mgmt
$85 or 8%
as low as $69
one month's rent
as low as 70% of one month's rent
Annual. Cancellation fee = Leasing charge + $300 (unless notice is given exactly as defined)
Cancel anytime with 30 day notice. $39 or less for each Owner/Unit/Lease
Late Fees
100% to manager
100% to manager or 50/50 split with Owner
$79 - $175
$59 per hour, bi-annual
Lease Renewals
As low as $99

Pricing & Guarantees Summary RPM offers more services and guarantees than most property managers. However, EquityTeam's services and guarantees are the most robust and comprehensive in the industry to both Owners and Tenants.  Pricing for basic full-service management is similar depending on the program chosen.  RPM prefers to bind Owners in to a year long, auto-renewing contract. EquityTeam prefers to allow the agreement to end with a 30 day notice (see details) because we believe neither side should be forced to keep a relationship if they don't want it.

RPM Midwest  EquityTeam  
Tenant Ancillary Services 
Owner Ancillary Services
? Yes 
Residential Investing
Residential Realty (Buying/Selling)
Yes Yes 
HOA Management
Commercial Property Management
Commercial Realty (Buying/Selling)
Commercial Investing
Property Maintenance Programs

*This data was compiled by EquityTeam. We did our best to make it objective and fair. If you find a mistake or a missing feature, please report it to us and we will update this document. Our goal is to have a continuously updated comparison of the main competitors to be as accurate as possible.