Lawn Care Vendor Cincinnati

About Us:
" We deliver industry-leading real estate services that promote property prosperity "

Become a Preferred Vendor Partner with EquityTeam!!  Benefits include:

  • High volume of work from a single point of contact

  • Fast payment (we usually pay within 14 days of being invoiced/verified completion (whichever comes last)

  • We pay electronically, funds deposited into your bank account, or we can send checks

  • Referrals to do work for non-managed properties

  • and MORE!


Our Values:
  • People & Personal Discipline
  • Retain Quality Over Quantity
  • Over-Deliver
  • Process Oriented
  • Ethical Excellence
  • Responsive & Resourceful
  • Technology
  • Yields (Results) Matter

The Position:

We're looking for a new lawn care service provider to work with around Cincinnati metro.  We manage hundreds of homes around Cincinnati and need a lawn care company that has the capacity to cover the entire area.

A variety of criteria will be considered in choosing the selected vendor, and may include:

a) Per unit cost

b) Performance history & reputation (Vendors references, history with similar relationships, ability to take on this additional workload)
c) Customer service & maintenance methodology (Vendor's management structure that will service ET, methods for ensuring high quality customer service, and plan to maintain responsiveness/communications with ET leadership team)

d) Willingness of vendor to work with ET's systems to relay the current property list (weekly) and for billing.


a) ET reserves the right to reject, negotiate, any and all proposals for any reason.

b) ET reserves the right to award to more than one Vendor

c) ET reserves the right to accept a submitted Proposal any time after 8/5/2021

d) A single point of contact from the Vendor

e) ET will designate various authorized people who may contact you to submit work, and will only pay for work approved by these people.

f) Vendor is expected to resolve any complaints within a forty-eight hour period unless otherwise communicated.

Performance Expectations:

a) Line trimmers are to be used, sidewalks are to be cleared of grass clippings and other items

b) Litter is to be removed from the grounds at the time of each service.

c) 2 times a year, once during first mow of the year and the second at the beginning of August, a "ground clear" herbicide should be used on all weeds growing on driveways, walkways, and in mulch beds. d) Do not move, alter, or remove the pit pipes: they need to be string trimmed around if in the path of mowers.

e) Mow (3) swipes away from buildings before the first pass is blown towards the building.

f) The mowing schedule will be as follows (and is subject to change as needed)

  • Every 7 days beginning March 15

  • Every 14 days beginning June 14

  • Every 7 days beginning August 1

g) The initial contract period is from start through the end of the fiscal year, with the option of ET to renew with no rate increase for the following year.  Then may be renegotiated yearly thereafter

h) ET reserves the right to terminate the contract for failure to comply with any of the above expectations. 

i) Any service performed after a property has been taken off the active list will not be paid for. 

j) Any charges billed for mowings after 14 days of service may not be paid for (b/c the property may not be in inventory anymore).


Chosen vendor MUST be able to cover Cincinnati metro area, approximately a 20 minute radius of Norwood, or west to Indiana, north to Middletown, east to Batavia, south to the river (we do not manage in N.KY currently).

The chosen company must comply with:

a) OSHA rules and regulations

b) State and Federal Laws in regard to use of herbicides

c) Proof of Liability Insurance with minimum of $1,000,000 coverage – District must be named as certificate holder and as an additional insured

d) Proof of current Workman’s Compensation coverage

e) Proof of current OSHA Safety Rating Evaluation Criteria


Unit Pricing:

ET manages SF and MF properties (mostly 2-4 units).  Mowings on MF properties on the Active List will be recurring.  SF mowings are ONLY to be done if on the Active List (b/c the property is likely vacant.  If occupied, the tenants are responsible).  The Active List will be sent to the vendor and a static URL will be available for vendor to reference for planning purposes (or another form of communicating the list may be used).  

The following prices is what we are used to paying:  You are welcome to either accept these prices or provide your own quote:

  1. Small Yard (less than 1000 sqft of yard)-$35

  2. Medium Yard (1000-2999 sqft of yard)-$40

  3. Large Yard (3000-5000 sqft)-$45

  4. Other-Quote


Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties, or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change at any time with or without notice. we are an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants shall be considered for all positions without regard to any status protected by federal, state,or local law.