Past, Present, Future

Learn what made us the company we are today,
and what our goals are for the future.

 Our Values

P:  Professional Experts

We know experience matters, so we're committed to providing our clients with a professional expert related to the services they need, whether or not that person is within our company or outside of it. 

R:  Retain Quality Over Quantity

We don't care about being the biggest; we simply want to be the best at the services we provide.  We're focused on long-term, win/win relationships with good people and good properties.

O:  Over-Deliver

We try and set REAL expectations, and then we work hard to exceed them.

P:  Process-Driven

We work hard to deliver consistency and solve problems through a process-driven approach, which we are constantly improving upon.

E:  Ethical Excellence

We believe in honesty, transparency, and in the "Golden Rule"... and we expect the same in return.  

R:  Resourceful & Responsive

We take pride in finding the most appropriate solution to a problem, and responding quickly.

T:  Technology

We're committed to being at the forefront of our industries so we can provide innovative products and services that benefit our customers.

Y:  Yield

We always want to consider the related ROI on our actions, decisions, and advice.


Residential Real Estate
Fix & Flip Acquisitions

Our Founder and CEO, Mark Thompson, started his real estate career with a national wholesale acquisition company focused on finding below-market deals around Cincinnati, OH for a local network of investors who wanted to invest in real estate.

2004 - 2008
Ohio's Largest Residential real estate Investing Services Company

Within a year, Mark became GM and Broker of the Cincinnati office and expanded the brokerage's operations (wholesaling/acquisitions, realty, hard money lending, and title services) from Cincinnati into Dayton, Columbus and Northern Kentucky. During this span, they sold over 1,000 deals to investors, funded over $50mm in hard money loans, and had up to 25 associates located throughout Ohio.

EquityTeam is Born out of the Housing Bubble

As the nation was dealing with the real estate bubble, credit default swaps, etc., the national company the brokerage was affiliated with was not handling the market changes well (multiple offices in Florida, where values were plummeting being a major factor).  Additionally, Mark wanted a less transactional, more complete relationship with his investor clients that covered the real estate investing process from start to finish (finding, funding, fixing, exit).  So in 2008 Mark left the brokerage to start EquityTeam as a niche, full-service provider of real estate investing services.

2012 - 2015
A New Focus on 
Residential Property Mgmt

For years, we tried to avoid getting involved in property management.  We would refer clients to other property managers we knew (at least 5 different ones) and even helped one management company get started so we didn't have to be involved in it.  However, in 2012, it became clear that none of our property management partners could perform to even our modest expectations.  We knew good management was critical to long-term real estate investing success, so we decided "if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself."  EquityTeam became narrowly focused on creating the owner-aligned property management company we wanted and the Cincinnati market needed.

EquityTeam Becomes a Market Leader in Residential Property Mgmt

By 2015, EquityTeam became the highest-rated residential property management company in Cincinnati, an honor we are proud to retain today.

PropertyWorx is Born

By 2019, EquityTeam's work orders were becoming difficult to manage and we needed more structure to ensure quality work was being done, warranted work was being completed, and that pricing was better than industry norms.  Thus, PropertyWorx was created to manage all aspects of our vendor/provider network and the service needs of our properties.

School of Hard Knocks

We found out running a dynamic property services business is hard!  HR, Accounting and Operations were all amplified and surprisingly the softwares available to the industry at this time were lacking for our diverse needs.  We stumbled out of the gate, but learned a lot and improved throughout the year.

PropertyWorx Starts Servicing Non-Mgmt Customers

The quality, professionalism, and pricing of our services was being noticed by residential homeowners, HOA's, commercial property owners, etc, who were looking to complete repairs and projects with someone they could trust.  Before we knew it, referrals were coming in rapidly and we slowly and selectively took on these jobs from non-mgmt company customers.

EquityTeam Adds
HOA Management

In Q4, EquityTeam began offering Association Management services.

Now, and the Near Future

Our main focus currently is hiring internally and externally (providers) and improving our operations through developing our own software solution to meet our unique needs.