Property Management

Residential (PM.R)

Industry-leading, professional property management for 
single-family (SF) homes and apartments (MF).

Do you need a Professional Property Manager?

There are many reasons you might be asking yourself "Should I hire a professional property manager?"

  • Are you tired of being a DIY Landlord and want your life back?

  • Have you tried landlording and realized you're not good at it?

  • Is your current property manager nickel-and-diming you, and/or has managing your manager become a part-time job?

  • Do you have a house or apartment building you can't or don't want to sell, and you want to turn it into a revenue-producing asset?

Let's be honest, LANDLORDING IS HARD!  But if you want the benefits real estate investing has to offer, not only is it necessary, but it MUST be done well to maximize your ROI and preserve your asset.  

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Our Property Management Stats

Since we started focusing on residential property management, we've grown organically and quickly (doubled in size every year), mostly because of our core values such as "quality over quantity".   Our engagement with other leading property managers around the country keeps us at the forefront of our industry which helps us deliver EXCLUSIVE products and services you won't find anywhere else.

Since 2004

Managing Residential Properties


Acquired / Managed

14 Days

or less on market for vacancies


Eviction rate


Client retention rate

Types of Owners

50% - Investors
35% - Accidental Landlords
15% - Other

# Units/Owner

40% - One
35% - Two - Four
25% - Five +

Unit Types

70% Single-Family
25% Multi-Family / Apartments
5% Other

Monthly Rent/Unit

45% - $1k or less
40% - $1-$2k
15% -$2k +

Our Property Management Guarantees

Our policies and guarantees are Owner-aligned, 
meaning whenever possible we try and align our interests with our Owners to ensure a win/win relationship. 

Service / Rewards


Leasing / Tenancy / Rent




Why Choose Us as Your Property Manager?

Our Track Record / Reputation

It's not easy maintaining a high rating online, especially when you're in the middle of an Owner / Tenant relationship.  Our reviews on any site have consistently averaged 4-5 stars since 2013 when we began to receive ratings on our service.  They are from real people with real experiences with our company (not paid for).  We're proud of the reputation we've built locally, and nationally within the residential property management industry.  

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Our Approach:  A 3-Legged Stool

Successful residential property management is like a three-legged stool.  Without one of the legs, it simply doesn't work.

  • OWNER ADVOCATE - You will ALWAYS have an experienced, professional "Portfolio Manager" (account manager) who’s dedicated to the success of your portfolio.  Their #1 responsibility is to treat your property like it's their own, to step into your shoes, understand anything unique about your property, and advocate for your best interests. 

  • PROPERTY ADVOCATE - Most "property managers" are not experts at property construction, maintenance and preservation.  We realize your valuable asset, the property, needs an expert in the trades (inspector/craftsman) caring for it, so we assign a "Property Advocate" to every property.  They oversee all service work performed on the property to make sure it's maintained and improved appropriately so it can maximize its market value and revenue potential.

  • TENANT ADVOCATE - Tenants are important customers who often are mistreated by landlords.  To maintain fairness and balance, we believe Tenants should have an advocate they can trust when needed.  Our "Leasing Manager" and Leasing Team maintain their relationship with the Tenant as their primary contact from application through move-out. 

Licensed & Insured, Industry Experts

Laws and regulations are changing faster than ever before.  Even current landlord-tenant laws and federal laws (fair housing) can be tricky to understand and navigate.  

Even if your property manager is an expert at the laws, it doesn't prevent accidents from happening, so you need to know they are properly insured.

Because of the rapid pace of change in the industry, you need a property manager who is able to keep up and change as needed.

EquityTeam has it all covered:

  • EquityTeam (ET) is a licensed real estate brokerage overseen and regulated by state real estate depts.  Portfolio Managers are all licensed and vetted to have landlording experience.

  • We carry insurance above and beyond what's normal:

    • Business Liability

    • Errors and Ommissions

    • Workers Comp

    • Bonded

    • and more...

  • We're at the forefront of the residential property management industry:

    • Co-lead the largest private networking group of residential property management company broker/owners nationally with 700 active members.

    • Member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM)

    • Regularly engage/attend National PM conferences and Podcasts (occasionally lead, speak or are interviewed)

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Odoo • Image and Text

Industry-Leading Technology

One of our core values is to utilize the best current technologies in the industry.  We've been operating as a cloud-based business before it was cool, yet we're still expanding our capabilities with tools that help us run a remote-based business within a connected environment.

  • Propertyware (leader in PM accounting software)

  • Tenant Turner (leader in Leasing and Showing software)

  • ZInspector (leader in PM inspection software)

  • and many more...

We have our finger on the pulse of all the new and evolving tools and technologies in and around the industry.  

In 2020, we started developing our own exclusive software solution to meet our needs, and bridge the gap of software fragmentation and shortcomings we had been experiencing.  This proprietary and customized software will be instrumental in helping us deliver unparalleled service to our clients.

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