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Do you need professional

HOA management?

If you've made it to this page, the answer is likely "yes"!

  • You're not happy with your current Association Management Company?

  • Your community has tried to "self-manage" and it's not working out?

  • You're a new community needing to put management in place?

Good, consistent association management is important for any community to succeed and thrive.  Professional management can help with a variety of issues an association may face:

  • Strategic planning

  • Credentialing, accreditation and certification programs

  • Event planning

  • Board and committee governance

  • Revenue programs

  • Technology and data leadership and management

  • Office and administration

"We're so happy we came across EquityTeam for our POA.  We were dealing with a lot of adversity and problems from the previous "manager" who didn't really manage much.  EquityTeam took the time to dive in and understand the situation and provided the guidance we needed to overcome the mess that was left behind, and then helped us get our POA on the right track for the future."

Dan V. 2020

"Very professional and knowledgeable!  We were looking for a manager who actually cared about our association and could be more progressive in their management style.  EquityTeam has been just what we were looking for."

Georgia S. 2020  

Our Reputation

We've only been offering HOA Management services in 2021, but we're certainly not new to it.  Our Association Managers collectively have experience serving on large and small HOA boards and have provided consulting services to various HOA's over the years.  All of our services are delivered with the same commitment to excellence that has helped us become a highly rated and respected real estate service provider.


We believe successful HOA management requires great people and processes.  A team of three uniquely-skilled professionals will be assigned to your association/community: 

  • ASSOCIATION MANAGER (Board Primary Contact)
    The primary responsibility of the Association Manager (AM) is to create and maintain a positive relationship with the Board, and to carefully manage all matters of the community as if they lived there themselves, including (but not limited to) repairs and improvements, violations, onsite staff training and management, administration management, etc. 

  • ASSISTANT AM (Primary Member Contact/Administrator)
    The Assistant AM (AAM) is responsible for all the administration of the association, while also being the primary contact for the Members.

  • PROPERTY SERVICES MANAGER (Buildings, Grounds, Common Areas)
    Most board members and association managers are not experts at construction, maintenance, preservation, vendor management, etc, so we put an experienced Property Services Manager (PSM) in charge of all the service-related needs of the buildings, grounds, and common areas.

Licensed & Insured, Industry Experts

Did you know, in most states, community association managers don't have to be licensed to manage communities even though they are managing someone else's money and assets!?!?

Our associations love the peace of mind that comes from knowing we manage their community similar to how we manage properties for others, which does require licensure and compliance.  

Additionally, we have all the necessary insurances:

  • Business Liability

  • Errors and Ommissions

  • Workers Comp

  • Bonded

  • and more...

Our AM's stay at the forefront of the community association industry so they can advise their Boards on the latest changes and trends.

Industry-Leading Technology

One of our core values is to utilize the best current technologies.  We've been operating as a cloud-based business since we opened for business and have our finger on the pulse of all the evolving tools and technologies in and around the industry.

In 2020, we started developing our own exclusive software solution to meet our needs, and bridge the gap of software fragmentation and shortcomings we had been experiencing. This proprietary and customized software will be instrumental in helping us deliver unparalleled service to our clients.


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